A Commission of Higher Education report identified the College of Charleston Studio Art Program as one of the best in the state.  One very significant factor contributing to the success of our program has been the consistently superior caliber of our artist-teachers.  The Faculty is one of the strongest and most professionally involved in the state, if not the southeast. It includes a Prix de Rome winner, two Guggenheim Fellowship holders, and a Fulbright Fellowship holder.

Most studio art professors maintain studio space on campus, and all have extensive exhibition credits, nationally or internationally.  Consequently, students work in a vital, creative environment.

Our faculty members are eager to work with you to plan a program of study that suits your particular goals.

Name Phone E-mail
Charzewski, Jarod 843.953.8213 charzewskij@cofc.edu
Duval, Barbara 843.953.8221 duvalb@cofc.edu
Frankel, Sara 843.953.8286 frankels@cofc.edu
Johnson, Steve 843.953.3856 johnsonss2@cofc.edu
Klein, Susan  843.953.8286 kleins1@cofc.edu
Parker, Herb 843.953.8213 parkerh@cofc.edu
Peacock, Cliff 843.953.2012 peacockc@cofc.edu